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The Ampri Industry and Commerce Ltda. was founded in 1998, focusing on the manufacture of automotive products.

Always attentive to market trends, he saw the opportunity to produce Steering Mechanisms, Hydraulic and Axial Steering Pumps where they are exported to all continents, becoming a reference in this segment and never sparing efforts to present a complete line of these to the market. products.

Quality Policy

We use the best raw materials on the market, following the most rigorous production processes.


Several countries trust and import Ampri products. We are a 100% Brazilian company.

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Our advanced logistics system allows our team to faithfully control the position of our orders.


We treat our inputs and waste properly and work to avoid harming the environment.

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We manufacture components for the main automotive brands in the market.

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Caixa de Direção Caixa de Direção

Steering Box

Hydraulic, electric and manual steering mechanisms with axial. In the Ampri portfolio you will find a wide variety of items for the most diverse applications.

Bomba de Direção Hidráulica Bomba de Direção Hidráulica

Power Steering Pump

Quality to control the pressure so that there is no excess pressure and oil overheating at certain times when the vehicle is running.

Axial de Direção Axial de Direção

Steering Axial

As it is directly related to safety, it is essential to choose products with durability and quality recognized as the Axiais Ampri, thus ensuring the safety of drivers and occupants of the vehicle.

Componentes da Caixa de Direção Componentes da Caixa de Direção

Steering Box Components

The components of the line Ampri steering box is composed of shafts, lids, columns and repair kits developed with a high standard of quality and technology to ensure the best results.

Acoplamento e Articulação da Coluna de Direção Acoplamento e Articulação da Coluna de Direção

Steering Column Coupling and Articulation

The steering column is one of the most important parts when driving a vehicle, as it allows the driver to turn left or right.

Braço Pitman e Barras de Direção Braço Pitman e Barras de Direção

Pitman Arm and Tie Bars

The Pitman Arm, also known as the Steering Arm, is responsible for transmitting the efforts and movements between the steering or suspension mechanism to the vehicle’s wheels.

Reservatório de Bomba Hidráulica Reservatório de Bomba Hidráulica

Hydraulic Pump Reservoir

This item contributes to the exchange of heat and the decantation of contaminating particles, ensuring the functioning of the system.

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